15 February 2012

The ever changing face of Hoo

I caught up with long time local resident Arthur Vidgeon last week, chatting about his excellent local website - containing lots of old photos of Hoo, and his own family history research.

Arthur is happy for me to share his old photos here, and given that he lives at White House Farm, along Stoke Road, I thought I’d upload a selection of his photos of this road.

I’ve added updated versions of the same locations (well, roughly the same). I hope you like this ‘then and now’ comparison!

The first photo shows what was once Bevin’s Butcher Shop and, at a later point, Tetts Agricultural Merchants. Then there’s a photo of the same location today, with the houses known as Jennifer Court.

This photo shows Stoke Road (as I mentioned the other day, it was known as the High Street until it was re-named Stoke Road in 1959) looking towards the village square. And then there’s a photo of the same location taken a couple of days ago.

This next photo is of the junction with Church Street and Stoke Road in the village centre. And then the same location as it looks now.

The last photo in this little set shows what was The Carpet Shop, on Stoke Road. I’m told it was also a fish and ship shop at one point! Demolished in 2005, the second photo shows the location today.

Arthur’s website really is well worth a visit. There are lots of even older photos than those I picked out. Just click here to take look. You can also see a good selection of old local photos on display at Taggs Coffee Shop in Hoo village centre.

Many thanks to Arthur for letting me use his photos.

Do you have any old photos or postcards of places on the Hoo Peninsula? If you’d like to share them on this website, just get in touch via the contact page.