23 June 2014

Step up to oppose a massive game-changer in Hoo!

It’s (almost) that time again for battle plans to be decided upon and drawn up to oppose yet another mad-cap idea of building even more houses in Hoo – destroying what I thought were precious greenfield sites!

Although housing developer Taylor Wimpey are yet to submit a formal planning application for ‘their’ land west of Hoo, a leaflet about their proposal claims they are looking to build up to 500 houses.

Taylor Wimpey recently submitted a ‘scoping opinion document’ to Medway Council’s Planning department, number MC/14/1391. The purpose of this is to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment, which will eventually accompany an outline planning application.

For me, the idea of building west of Hoo is a massive game-changer. Not only would it destroy the existing ‘entry landscape to the Hoo Peninsula’ of open green fields, but it would just about join the villages of Hoo and Chattenden together, albeit with a road acting as an insignificant separation.

For what it’s worth – I feel a proposal to build 500 houses west of Hoo is completely unacceptable and would destroy something very special forever.

I will certainly add more information to this blog when more details are known about the contents of the planning application, but in the meantime – it is worth attending the exhibitions planned by Taylor Wimpey this week.

They will be held at Hoo Village Hall (Pottery Road) on Friday 27th June from 3pm to 8pm and on Saturday 28th June from 10am to 2pm.