3 January 2011

Christmas Day Walk - Allhallows

With festivities over and life returning to normal, Christmas Day seems like a long time ago. The weather has improved a bit, for the time being, and no doubt everyone has been busy making resolutions.

I made an early pledge – to do more regular exercise! On Christmas Day I went for a long walk from Allhallows and was joined by friends and a dog called Jake.

We set out from Allhallows at 10.30am and went through the Leisure Park and along the beach, past the Yacht Club, aiming for West Point and St. Mary’s Bay. We hoped to get as far as Egypt Bay, before returning to Allhallows, but it took much longer than expected to walk to St. Mary’s Bay (due to long sessions of playing ball with the dog). At 12.30pm, with lunch still to cook, we took the decision to abandon the attempt to get as far as Egypt Bay. We headed back to Allhallows, cutting across footpaths that led through marshes and fields, eventually passing behind Dagnam Farm.

We arrived back at Allhallows at 1.30pm and headed home for the usual Christmas Day excitement and to finally open some presents!