28 January 2011

Book Research

I’ve been contacted this week by a lady living in Australia, called Margaret Somers. Margaret, who lives near Brisbane, is researching her Hoo Peninsula family history - for a new book that she is hoping to publish.

Margaret’s keen to hear from anyone with connections to the following family names in Cliffe: Smith, Spencer, Goodyer, Harrington, Mills, Parvin and Richards. Her Smith family ancestors settled in Cliffe before 1842.

Margaret is also researching family links in south London, particularly Greenwich and Deptford, where she has a connection to people with the following family names: Allen, Eadle, Gould, Rowe and Warner.

I’m distantly linked to Margaret, through my Great-Great-Grandmother Emma Spencer (nee Smith), who was born in Cliffe, but lived most of her life in Upper Stoke. Margaret is connected to Emma through her father John. The photograph below is thought to be of Emma.

Contact Margaret Somers by clicking here.