6 June 2010

Dickens Summer Festival (Rochester), June 2010

Not an event held on the Hoo Peninsula, but certainly one that involves many of its residents, either as participants or as visitors.  I thought I would give the 3-day Dickens Summer Festival a mention on this blog. I went along with my family yesterday afternoon (Saturday), following a busy morning on the Hoo Peninsula – visiting pubs, shops and other places of interest!

It’s great seeing so many people dressed-up in their Victorian finery in celebration of Charles Dickens. I believe the festival started in 1978 and is now attended by people from across Medway, across Kent, across the Country and, according to one gentleman I met yesterday, from across the World, which I can easily believe!

It was yet another fine event and everyone taking-part deserves heartfelt congratulations for making it such a fun experience for all those attending.

Below:  My Mother and Medway Councillor Ted Baker, who has been taking-part in the Dickens Festival since 1978.

Below:  This gentleman produced amazingly entertaining tunes with the simplest of instruments!



Below:  Of all the costumes, these people won it for me with their less glamorous approach!  Perhaps because of my own family history (on the Hoo Peninsula) and the hardships they endured - I always find the the dress of more ordinary folk the most charming.  Well Done!!!