26 May 2010

Short Measures, The Ship Inn, Lower Stoke

I’ve referred to my Great-Great-Grandfather (Henry Spencer) and his time running The Ship Inn at Lower Stoke (from 1889 to 1901) a few times already. I’ve now discovered that, on 25 June 1897, Henry gained a conviction whilst running the pub. If you read carefully, the extract from the 'Register of Licenses - Granted in the North Division of Aylesford Lath' (pictured below), details his conviction for selling measures of gin and whisky below the legal limits.

Henry was ordered by the court to pay 10s (fine) and 9s (costs) for the gin offence and £1 (fine) and 9s (costs) for the whisky offence. Sadly, not the only publican in history to be guilty of this type of offence!

Despite his misdemeanours, Henry continued managing the pub, which was owned by the Lion Brewery, for another four more years.

Apologies for any technical inaccuracies or misrepresentations.