12 May 2013

Our great outdoors is waiting for you!

I’m sure many of us don’t need an excuse to get out the house and enjoy our fantastic local landscape. I certainly don’t, as it’s long been one of my favourite pastimes.

But it’s really good to see that a North Kent Walking Festival has been organised, with walks and events taking place from Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June.

Even more exciting is the fact that seven of the events listed on the guide, shown below, are being held right here on the Hoo Peninsula - all of which look fabulous fun! They include Grain Coastal Park, RSPB Northward Hill, Allhallows-on-Sea, Great Chattenden Wood, St. James’ Church at Cooling, RSPB Cliffe Pools and Cliffe Marshes.

I hope to see you at some of the walks and events planned, let's just hope the weather stays nice.

Time to enjoy our great outdoors!