17 February 2013

Out in rural Hoo

It was good getting out and about this week - again exploring some of the more rural parts of Hoo.

With a spell of fairly nice sunny weather, and the prospect of some much needed exercise, I headed out to help with the delivery of the latest edition of Village Voices (the community magazine for Hoo and Chattenden) with Michael Pearce, who runs the magazine, and Kevin from The Chequers pub.

We delivered the magazine to Hoo’s more rural areas, including Dux Court Road, the Ratcliffe Highway, Roper’s Lane, Jacob’s Lane and the section of Stoke Road beyond the 'village envelope' - going as far as the last house in the parish, namely Polly Adams Cottage.

It was a lovely afternoon and it was good seeing everything looking so vibrant and interesting in the sunshine, albeit it was still very chilly.

I'm looking forward to the summer months!