18 February 2013

Keeping fit in High Halstow!

High Halstow has a new ‘outdoor gym’ installed behind the Village Hall (The Street, High Halstow), within the grounds of the recreation ground.

It’s a clever concept - giving people the chance, whatever their age, to access a range of useful fitness equipment. Best of all though - it’s completely free to use!

As you’ll see from the photographs I took last week, below, there’s lots of equipment available, including contraptions to help improve muscle stamina, endurance and heart and lung functions. There’s also a recumbent bike - to tone your upper body, legs and backside no less. And to avoid any confusion, the equipment has user instructions attached.

It all sounds rather healthy I admit, but you’d probably do well to check with your GP if you’re worried about ‘over doing it’ on the equipment. I wouldn’t want anyone doing anything too strenuous!

Bets of luck!

High Halstow Parish Council installed the new equipment. Take a look at their website by clicking here.