19 February 2013

Doing ‘The Windmill’ walk

We’re very lucky on the Hoo Peninsula to have so many good, and sometimes quite dramatic, walking routes. However, a popular walk for many people living in Hoo is what I call the ‘triangular walk’ around the village.

This includes Bells Lane, the old Ratcliffe Highway and Main Road. I’ve met a good many locals whilst out enjoying the fresh air and views.

Conveniently, The Windmill pub is on the old Ratcliffe Highway and marks the half way point of the walk.

Just along from the pub, in the direction of Chattenden, is the now rather dilapidated Mill House - believed to have been built in 1799 and, according to Philip Macdougall’s book about the Hoo Peninsula, the home for many years to the Ballard family, who were a local farming family.

I like this building a lot, and only wish that I could win the lottery to pay for its renovation, before it collapses!

Depending on how fast you walk, I’d say this walk takes about an hour to complete - that’s without stopping at The Windmill for a swift pint!