8 January 2012

Vote for better Broadband on the Hoo Peninsula!

Broadband coverage on the Hoo Peninsula is patchy at the best of times. I sometimes feel it would be quicker to use a pigeon to send a message!

Faster broadband services could become a reality though - thanks to a partnership between Kent County Council (KCC) and Medway Council.

Later this month, a poster campaign will be launched across Kent and Medway, encouraging residents to ‘sign up’ to the Better Broadband Scheme.

I’ve already signed-up and you can too by going online (here) and registering your support for better Broadband – it only takes 5 minutes to register! And it is important that lots of local people do.

The more people that make the effort to register, the better the prospects of KCC and Medway Council being able to secure the private sector investment required for upgrading local broadband services.

And the information gained from the registration process will also help with further funding bids to bring improvements to the area.

It’s really important to vote - so tell all your friends, family and neighbours about it - click here and make it happen!