9 January 2012

Hoo Church film - orders now being taken!

Before Christmas I mentioned the news that a DVD was being produced about Hoo Parish Church.

It is a look at Church life and features many events that have taken place, like the replacement of the Church flag-pole, the Remembrance Day service and many of the different concerts the Church has hosted.

The DVD has been lovingly produced, over many hours, days, weeks and months, by Hoo resident Ralph Smythe (pictured below working on the DVD).

One person who is especially excited about the DVD is former Hoo vicar Andy Harding (pictured below with Stuart Coombes a few days before Christmas). I caught up with Andy when he was in the village visiting friends and former parishioners. He said he was looking forward to watching the film - even though it will make him miss Hoo even more than he does already!

Copies of the DVD can be obtained by making a minimum donation of £5 to Hoo Parish Church. I’m sure the DVD will make an excellent keepsake.

To order your copy, contact Stuart Coombes on 01634 251705.