12 January 2012

Hoo Youth Club is every Wednesday night – take note!

Wednesday night in Hoo means only one thing if you're aged between 12 and 18 - it’s Youth Club night at Pottery Road!

I went along to Hoo Village Hall last night and the place was buzzing when I arrived. There was quite a bit going on - computer games, pool, football, table tennis, a Connexions job shop and lots of other fun stuff too. I felt worn out just walking through the door!

It was good being able to listen to what local kids had to say about living in Hoo - with topics ranging from a Thames Estuary airport, to things they’d like to see in the village for young people.

The Youth Club takes place every Wednesday, from 7.15pm to 9.15pm, at the Jubilee Hall (part of the Village Hall) along Pottery Road. The poster below gives more information about the type of activities available.

I also had a good chat with the Youth Club’s organiser, Lindsay Hartney, who is Medway Council’s Youth Detached Worker for Hoo. If you’d like to find out more, or if you know someone that might want to get involved, contact Lindsay by phoning 07795 236289.