16 November 2011

New players wanted at the Isle of Grain Youth Soccer School . . .

Following on from an article that I wrote on this site in September, the Chairman of the Isle of Grain Youth Soccer School, Paul Peachey, has been in touch this week to appeal for more new players.

Paul is keen to encourage more youngsters to join the many league football teams set up by the Isle of Grain Youth Soccer School. Members of all ages are welcome, but Paul is especially keen to strengthen the following teams: U10s (year 5 at school), U12s (year 7 at school), U8s (year 2 at school). Paul also told me that he’d like to get kids involved in two new teams - for the U7s and U6s (year 1 and reception at school).

As well as the league teams, the Youth Soccer School is looking to attract new recruits - for all those aged between 3 and 16. They meet at Seaview Meadow (Lang’s Field) at the Isle of Grain every Saturday from 10.30am till 12.30pm.

If you’d like to get involved, or know someone that would, contact Paul Peachey on 07818 558036.