10 September 2010

Saxon Shore Way, Hoo St. Werburgh

Having completed a small part of the walk along the Saxon Shore Way last week, between Upnor and Hoo St. Werburgh (described in another post), I completed another section today. This particular walk, centred around Hoo, is ideal for a Sunday morning stroll and takes less than a couple of hours to complete, especially if stopping to look at the views.

Information about walks on the Hoo Peninsula, including this one, can be obtained by clicking here.

I walked down Vicarage Lane to Hoo Marina and joined the clearly signed Saxon Shore Way path that runs along the River Medway to Kingsnorth. Soon after joining the path, you come across excellent views of Hoo Fort and Darnet Fort (in the middle of the River Medway). There are three WW2 pillboxes during the walk - an indication of how strategically important the area once was.

Altogether very enjoyable and a good mix of sights!