1 September 2010

Saxon Shore Way, Hoo St. Werburgh to Upnor

With a few hours spare this morning, I decided to go for a walk along part of the Saxon Shore Way, from Hoo St. Werburgh to Upnor. A pleasant walk made even better by the warm sunny weather. From Hoo Village Centre, I walked along Vicarage Lane and then followed the signs through Hoo Marina Village and along the River Medway.

When I arrived at the ruins of Cockham Wood Fort, which overlooks St. Mary’s Island, I took a break and enjoyed the sun for a while! Cockham Wood Fort was built in the late 16th century, as a direct result of the Dutch raid in 1667. Originally, the fort held 48 guns, but the arsenal was removed within 100 years.

Information about walks on the Hoo Peninsula can be obtained by clicking here.