6 July 2010

St. Mary Hoo, Village Photographs

Following an earlier post about the Spencer family and St. Mary Hoo, I thought I would add some photographs of this location.

With the weather continuing its warm spell, I went over to St. Mary Hoo at the weekend, whilst on route to the Summer Fete at Stoke School and then, yet again, on to spend some time at Grain Beach.

St. Mary Hoo is located off the Ratcliffe Highway (which is off the A228) and the entire village sits on Hall Road, which is a no through road. The 2001 census states that the village had a population of 244 and I doubt this has changed very much since that time.

Although the Church is privately owned, I had a walk around the outside to look at the graves. I couldn’t find any connected to my family, but there are clearly many gaps where stones have either been removed (because of damage and age) or simply because people (like my own family) couldn’t really afford them.

I would really like to find old photographs of St. Mary Hoo and the surrounding areas.