20 September 2011

Grain Coastal Park (Isle of Grain) - Michael Dale’s Photographs

Michael Dale (pictured below) is a Parish Councillor on St. James Isle of Grain Parish Council. He’s sent some of his photographs of Grain Coastal Park – kindly giving permission for their use on this site.

These photos show views of Grain Coastal Park, taken at different times of the year.

The old ‘dummy battery’ along Port Victoria Road.

A wintry scene with views towards Grain Tower and Queensborough Docks.

One of many walking routes.

Church Beach looking very calm at high tide.

A ‘Quay Crane Transporter’ passing Garrison Point at the mouth of the Medway (between the Isle of Grain and Sheerness).

Another crane transporter arriving for Thamesport from China.

Seaview Meadow.

Seaview Meadow with early morning mist.

These are really great photos and I’d like to thank Michael for allowing me to share them.

Do you have any photos of the area that you would like to appear on this site? Just get in touch via the contact page.