8 August 2011

Lots of fun at the countryside fair!

This year’s RSPB Wildlife and Countryside Fair took place yesterday (Sunday) at Bromhey Farm between Cooling and High Halstow.

Having really enjoyed last year’s event, I was glad that the weather stayed fine so I could go along with my sister and brother in-law who were up for the weekend (pictured on a hay bale at the end of this post).

Once again, my highlight was the sheep dog trials, which were fascinating to watch. Such well trained dogs - and obedient sheep!!!

There were lots of stalls, a wildlife walk, the opportunity for a bit of ditch dipping and fun and games for kids of all ages. One of us even managed to actually hit a coconut this year!

It was nice seeing a selection of local craftspeople and trades showing off their produce, with lots of people getting the chance to ‘have a go’ at some of the tasks.

The RSPB’s Rolf Williams (pictured below) was clearly being kept very busy making sure things were going well and everyone was happy. And volunteers from the Rochester and Chatham Dickens Fellowship (also pictured below) helped remind us of the many connections our peninsula has with the great author and his many tales.

The Marshwarblers (pictured below) provided a relaxing atmosphere for people enjoying a tasty hog roast or hot dog - including me!

Once again, a really enjoyable few hours getting back in touch with a bit of nature!

All part of a busy weekend entertaining - including a visit to Rochester Cathedral, a walk along Rochester High Street, taking in the Guildhall Museum and a look inside The Six Travellers Almshouses, plus a quick stop off at St. James’ Church in Cooling after the countryside fair. We even managed to squeeze in some boating (and swimming in the rain) at Grain Beach. But before you ask - absolutely no photos appearing of that!