11 November 2010

WWI - Remembering William and Harry

Two nephews of my Great-Grandfather Herbert Watson joined many others from the Hoo Peninsula in putting their lives on the line during World War I.

So today, when everyone in Britain is thinking about those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, I’m remembering William Watson (Lower Stoke) and his cousin Harry Stratford (St. Mary Hoo) who left their respective villages, and families, to fight for King and country. Never to return.

Private William Stephen Watson
- 3 Gravel Pit, Lower Stoke -
1st Royal Marine Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry
Died: 17 February 1917 - aged 21
Buried: Queen's Cemetery, Bucquoy (pictured below)

Private Harry Stratford
- Moat Farm, St. Mary Hoo -
6th Battalion, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Died: 12 April 1917 - aged 24
Memorial (no grave): Arras Memorial (pictured below)