7 November 2010

High Halstow Hikers (November Walk), Sunday 7 November 2010

I joined the High Halstow Hikers this morning for a nine mile trek along country lanes and farm tracks between High Halstow and Cliffe - with the farmers’ permission where there were no public footpaths. The weather was crisp and sunny and almost 20 people turned-up. We set-off from High Halstow Village Hall at just after 9.30am and headed down Cooling Road, turning into Wybournes Farm and then towards Cooling. After stopping for a quick look at St. James’ Church in Cooling, we headed for Cliffe, passing through Rye Street. The return journey to High Halstow took us through Morning Cross, Cooling Street, Spendiff and Cooling Court, before a pit-stop at The Horseshoe and Castle, in Cooling. We arrived back at High Halstow at just after 1pm.

It was nice to meet so many people enjoying a really well organised walk. High Halstow Hikers’ next event will be held in early December and posters will be displayed around High Halstow village.