11 April 2020


With most of us spending considerably more time at home (and in the garden) many people are enjoying the sound of birdsong - all day long!

The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in fewer vehicles on roads, almost deserted skies and a cleaner, more peaceful, environment. Birdsong seems amplified by the reduction in other noise.

Birdsong is really relaxing - the perfect tonic in these worrying times. 

It's disappointing when people complain that 'birds are too noisy' or feel they're a nuisance because they might poo on a garden fence! 

The Hoo Peninsula is best known for having a vibrant bird life. 

Along with the wider Thames Estuary, the Hoo Peninsula is a vital migration hub for hundreds of thousands of wintering wildfowl and wading birds, as well as providing a summer breeding ground for migratory birds.

From garden birds to nightingales at Lodge Hill and herons at High Halstow - our local landscape provides rich pickings and a safe haven for many species. They enjoy hedgerows and gardens, farmland, waterways, wetlands, salt marshes, mudflats and woodlands.

Keep tweeting birds - and make everyone feel a little bit better.