11 February 2019

Military airfield recognition

During the many Armistice centenary commemorations last November, Lt. Col. Fred Beringer (retired) unveiled a plaque to mark where RAF Allhallows once stood. 

The plaque, pictured below, was created by the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust and is located outside Allhallows Village Hall - the airfield was nearby - on what is today neighbouring farmland. 

The airfield was active between 1916 and 1935.  Various fighter types from ‘No. 50 Squadron’ initially used the airfield, as a Home Defence landing ground during World War One.  By the late summer of 1918 ‘No. 143 Squadron’ had taken charge of the site, with Sopwith Camels remaining in service for this unit after the end of fighting, although Sopwith Snipes had begun to replace them during 1919.

The Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust is now planning to install a memorial in Hoo, at the site of what was RNAS Kingsnorth (RAF Kingsnorth), active between 1914 and 1921.