2 February 2014

Village Voices for Stoke and St. Mary Hoo (Issue 9)

The latest edition of Village Voices for the parishes of Stoke and St. Mary Hoo is now available online. Click the image below, which will take you to the editions page on the Village Voices website - then click ‘Issue 9’.

This edition includes a special report about the work to raise money for repairs to the roof of Stoke Village Hall, updates and reports from Stoke Parish Council and St. Mary Hoo Parish Council, news of an injured Shetland pony at the Anim-Mates animal rescue sanctuary at St. Mary Hoo and lots more local and parish information.

Take a look at the Village Voices website by clicking here.

Visit the website for Stoke Parish Council here, and visit the website for St. Mary Hoo Parish Council here.