1 March 2013

No surrender, no Thames Estuary airport!

It's been a while since I added anything on here about opposing the ludicrous idea of constructing an airport in the Thames Estuary. But that doesn't mean the issue has gone away, sadly. Far from it!

I thought I'd include my most recent ‘Stop Estuary Airport’ photo-wall produced last year, to highlight the parliamentary petition currently being organised by the MP for Rochester and Strood, Mark Reckless. Mark represents all of the communities on the Hoo Peninsula - from Cliffe to the Isle of Grain.

You can show your support for opposing a Thames Estuary airport, and for Mark's petition, by completing the online petition form on his website. Just click here to get involved.

If you’re concerned about the possible destruction of the Hoo Peninsula, please make every effort to get your voice heard! Tell all your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues about the petition - let's send the message, loud and clear, that there'll be 'no surrender' from the people of the Hoo Peninsula!

Stay in touch with the Stop Estuary Airport campaign by visiting Medway Council's dedicated website. Another excellent resource is the site run by the Friends of the North Kent Marches, click here to visit.

Step up and save the peninsula from destruction!