28 August 2010

Cement, Mud and Muddies, Frank G. Willmott

I had a stroll around Rochester yesterday and spent considerable time rummaging around the plethora of books and other interesting items at City Books (41 High Street, Rochster, ME1 1LN). I found a copy of the book 'Cement, Mud and Muddies' by Frank Willmott, which was first published by Meresborough Books in 1977. Although more than thirty years old, this book accurately explains the history of Medway's cement industry and includes many fascinating photographs and illustrations. Due to my own clay-digging family heritage in Stoke, I am particularly drawn to the section about the Muddies from Stoke and Hoo.

On the subject of Medway's cement history, there is an excellent section about this on the website of Berengrave Local Nature Reserve (the Friends of Berengrave), which can be viewed by clicking here.